Join Bagby Conservation Collective

Become a member and join the special community of people who care about Bagby Hot Springs, the Wilderness and the Forest.

Ground Crew

$35 – Basic Level

Your donation supports our effort to guard Bagby Hot Springs from exploitation and development and bring volunteers to public lands.

Member receives:
Bagby Conservation Collective member sticker.
Updates on how your donation is being put to work protecting, preserving and advocating for Bagby Hot Springs, and the wilderness and land that contains it. Invitations to trail parties, other volunteer stewardship opportunities and special events.

$100 – Friend of the Hot Springs Level

Your contribution will help us purchase the trail tools, hardhats and PPE so necessary to maintaining the Bagby Hot Springs Trail and other wilderness trails.

Member receives:
Everything that comes with the basic level
A Bagby Conservation Collective embroidered patch for your own pack, bag or hat.

$250 – Forest Steward Level

Your support will enable us to deploy work crews on stewardship projects, benefiting the forest and communities that rely on it, in the Clackamas River Ranger District and beyond.

Member receives:
Everything that comes with previous membership levels.
Invitation to participate in Board-led stewardship parties.


Donate Any Amount*

Investing in the protection of Bagby Hot Springs for the long-haul.

Here is what we said we’d do if we did not win the bid:

“If we are not initially awarded the contract, donations will be put to work helping to fight that decision. This is something that has occurred at Bagby in the past, and we are working with legal professionals to prepare for this unfortunate potentiality. If that fails we will continue to put boots on the ground providing ecological and historical oversite, and advocating for equitable access. We will never stop caring or advocating for the preservation of this magical place.”

The Bagby Conservation Collective is an Oregon registered, public benefit, 501(c)3, non-profit corporation. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law.